Welcome to this special Affiliate Marketing Training

Hello everyone, my name is JACKTO, an independent Data Scientist, Writer, and Digital Marketer.   

This training is titled:

The No-Fail System on How to Make N250k – N600k per month online as An Affiliate selling other people’s products and Get Paid Weekly

📌Our Training Etiquettes…

Please Get a Pen and Notepad ready.

As the training is going on, you may have questions to ask.

Just jot them down, and ask me after going through this seminar.

To understand this business fully, you must pay attention to everything details I will be talking about here and also watch the free training video. Please keep your questions till the end of the training. We shall try our best to attend to them one after the other once the training is over. Okay? 


You need to know this when it comes to making money online.

First of all, if you want to truly, really “make money online,” there are 3 things you must get right from the word go so you don’t waste your time, money, energy, and effort.

1. DO NOT go to Google and search for “how to make money online“.

If you do so, you are going to be led down an evil path filled with scams, pyramid schemes, half-baked, time-wasting activities, and despicable human beings who masquerade as “online entrepreneurs“.

99% of people who go this path end up never escaping this maze.


Enough said.

2. To make money online, you MUST have something for sale and you must learn how to sell it online.

You can’t cop out by transferring your responsibility to sell to someone else, ala, “do it for me” or think other people will make you rich by “helping” ala MMM. 

Don’t be dumb. You do not “make money online” in a literal sense. You do so by offering something of value, a product or service, in exchange for money

3. You must choose something real, something that can grow and you must have the discipline/patience to learn and do work to grow it.

Get it?

Now let’s talk about the different things you should run away from when you hear “make money online”.

I’ll start with what to avoid with a long spoon. Engaging in them is like dining with the devil and using a short spoon.

 Next, Please Avoid These 6 Models:

1. Online survey – purportedly, you simply respond to surveys and you get paid a certain amount.

If it was that simple, trust me, everyone will be doing surveys right now and smiling to the bank. It is a lie.

2. Get paid to read emails – this one is so dumb I don’t even know how people believe it.

3. Oil and Gas investment – also masquerading as online investment programs aka, invest =N=100,000 and get paid 40% every 30/60/90 days.

There are currently new ones making the rounds now.

Who are the shit people who invent these things? And who believes all that shit?

4. Cash Gifting programs – a.k.a MMM and its many cousins (oh when I was in Russia, I found Mavrodi’s house. If you lost money in MMM, I know where to find his mother, just kidding.)

All that, “provide help, receive help” nonsense.

Their promoters morphed into #3 above.

5. Online MLMs – pyramid schemes disguised as network marketing opportunities.

If they have no real product and focus on recruiting new members, it’s bullshit, it’s a pyramid and it will come tumbling down.

And oh, if their “product” is a bunch of eBooks/courses, the same applies.

6. Basically, anything that promises you’ll make a lot of money doing very little to no work. It’s mostly shysters and scammers who promote those things and I don’t care if it’s your trusted cousin telling you to join in.

 Avoid them all.

And what you are about to read right now will blow your mind to pieces.

This is not a threat; it is simply a friendly warning because not everyone survives this information.

As you are reading this right now, it is because you are interested in making more out of life.

And if you are like me, then you are probably someone that never settles for less.

You are the one I am talking to right now…

✅  If you have never made a dime online.

✅  If you have never made your first million Naira online.

✅  If you have never launched your own online business before.


✅ You are simply a curious millionaire that wants to explore his/her options.

A brief story about myself and how I came about this business 👇

I work as a freelance Data Scientist. Based in Lagos.

During the lockdown, Freelance Data Analytics Jobs were swimming in like water as more companies were hiring freelancers to carry out specific jobs for them. However, some jobs were more than my expertise. For such jobs, I normally escalate them to more experienced colleagues.

I must admit, the Data Science job is time-consuming at the same time rewarding as it takes much time to clean and prepare the data before fitting it into a machine learning algorithm. It requires a great amount of care and attention to detail in other to meet up the specifications and requirements set up by the client. There are days I will have to sit on my computer for hours building, test and troubleshooting machine learning models.

 I enjoy the job. It’s just that it’s time-consuming and I get paid according to the numbers of projects completed and the complexity of the project. That is If I decide not to accept jobs in a month. No alert for me that month.

I thought of a way I can earn passive income by setting up a system and automating it to bring me money with less stress and effort.

They say, it’s not good for you to put all your eggs in one basket which means, it is dangerous for you to have only one source of income.

This new desire prompted me into some research on legitimate ways to earn passive income. I equally spoke to some friends and family members about it.

It was at this point, one of my siblings told me about Affiliate Marketing. One of the first questions I asked him is. Hope this is not a pyramid or referral scheme? His response was NO

At first, I was skeptical, because I have attempted Affiliate marketing with foreign Affiliate Networks but couldn’t make reasonable progress due to try & error and lack of mentorship & guidance.

I didn’t pick interest in the first place; I request some materials and videos to aid me in understanding the system which he gave me.

I took up 72 IG training which gave me skills in Graphics Designing,  Copywriting, Email Marketing, Facebook & IG ads, Sales Automation, Web Pages Design and Monetization.

I was able to set up a sales funnel through the training and given software that converts on autopilot according to the target and specifications set. within 3 weeks, I was able to hit my first 100k in profit.

I was excited about this opportunity, I told a few of my friends about the opportunity.  some of them took a bold step and they are already profiting from the system. Now, I can confidently set-up my affiliate marketing sales funnel to earn passive income while I spend my time on my data science job.

This has given me the flexibility to travel and visit places of my choice without financial limitations.

There are several rules I wish to highlight to make you successful in this business.

 Rule Number 1:  Work is Involved: Money earned is based on the result of value creation.

The income model am going to share with you in this seminar is a legitimate business model and it requires you to do some work.

 Rule Number 2:  No Excuses. If you want to make excuses, then make excuses. But I have never heard of anyone who made both money and excuses. A lot of people never move forward, because they are always making excuses.

They always make excuses and complain about one thing or the other. If you love excuses, you can stop reading further. One popular excuse people give is the long length of a value seminar like this.

These are the same people that spend hours on social media with their smartphones on invaluable things.

Rule Number 3: Be Assured That, I Will Tell you Nothing but The Truth. The Truth will set you free but first, it will piss you off.

If lady can make millions then know that you too can get this same results.

You may be asking why am I showing you these proofs? 

I know there are some doubters here, so I want you to know this online business WORKS, and it works for both men and women, be it you are a student or stay-at-home Mum.  And it is an online business you can do too…


Now, that I have to whet your appetite, let’s get into the nitty-gritty:

What is this Online Business That Pays 5 – 6 Figure Commissions Every Friday?

This online business model is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a simple online business model where you get paid a commission by recommending someone else’s product to others.

Affiliate marketing is a PROVEN business model, that has both an offline and an online version to it.

It has been in existence since 1989.

Affiliate marketing business is so lucrative that it made the richest man alive RICH. It made Jeff Bezos the world’s richest man in 2018 till 2020 

Imagine YOU doing the SAME business as the second richest man in the world?

‼️‼️Today, the richest man in Africa is Dangote. But how many people can start the same business as Dangote? Not many, because it involves a HUGE startup capital but with affiliate marketing especially the online aspect, you can get started with very little.

 ✅✅ With affiliate marketing, you can get paid commissions as low as 10% and as high as 100% without buying any products or storing physical products, etc.

You simply recommend or talk about someone’s products, and when someone buys using your unique affiliate link, you get paid a nice commission, like a middleman.

Here are some major companies who are into affiliate marketing but you wouldn’t know are: 

📌 Uber and Taxify (Bolt) own NO cars but provide car services.

📌 Airbnb owns NO houses but provides housing.

📌 Expedia owns NO hotels or flights but provides booking services.

📌 Wakanow and Hotelsng own NO hotels but provide lodges.

Any amount you hear in dollars, multiply it with 450 to get the equivalent in naira

What these companies do to make crazy and smart money is:

Recommend and link people up to other people who provide the service and they get paid a nice commission. So, Bolt or Uber get paid small countless commissions, each time you use their service to book a taxi…

Wakanow gets paid a commission each time you use their service to book a plane ticket.

Now, I am going to go deeper into this thing, so keep reading, there will be time for questions.

Let me tell you what Affiliate marketing is NOT:

❌ It is *not* MLM.

❌ You *don’t* need to rent a shop or office.

❌ You *don’t* need to create or import any products.

❌ There are *no* monthly fees.

❌ It does *not* require HUGE startup capital.

❌ It is NOT a scam.

❌ It is NOT MMM and does NOT work for lazy people who want others to do it for them…

Now, this is what makes Affiliate Marketing Online Business SO Profitable:

✅ You can join an Affiliate program that accepts Nigerians for FREE.

✅ You get paid every Friday.

✅ There are over 50 online products to recommend and make sales.

✅ It works with the internet.

✅ It works with your mobile phone or computer. 

✅ There is a FREE full-blown training you can access online that explains how the business works in full better than me.

✅ You get paid HIGH commissions of 30% – 80% commissions. 

✅ It involves some work to make it succeed and be profitable, which you can learn in the FREE full-blown training you can access online. (I will tell you more about this later) 

✅ It runs on autopilot if you have access to a computer.   

🔥 There are real Nigerians, male and female who have earned between N100,000 to N1 million, to N5 million to over N9 million from a secret Affiliate company in Nigeria I will introduce to you next.

As a student or a stay at home Mum, this business is the perfect business to start

Either as a side business or main business

There are lots of problems that surround us, as a student or a stay at home Mum you have the opportunity to look for this problem and solve them by recommending solutions to this problem

Money is being made when you solve other people’s problems.

Let’s say, for example, John wants to sell his land but doesn’t have any buyer.

And Michael needs money but doesn’t have a product to sell but he knows how to get hungry buyers that will buy John’s Land

Michael helps John get a buyer for the Land

Now the person buys John’s land for N2 million

Then John pays Michael a 10% commission which is 200k for helping him bring a buyer

If Michael does this process 5 times, he has made over 1 million naira selling other people’s product

And that is what affiliate marketing is all about.

Michael just created a side hustle for himself by solving John’s problem and that of his buyer

Let me still explain Affiliate marketing in its simplest form.

Let’s say you buy a new phone that has a good battery and good camera and your friend is looking for a good phone that has a good camera and long-lasting battery

Your friend saw your phone and asked you if the camera and battery is good.

Normally you are going to tell him the phone is good and has a good battery that he should buy the type of your phone.

Your friend trusts you so he is going to listen to you and buy that same phone.

What you did there is called Affiliate Marketing.

You simply recommend a good product to your friend.

The only difference is that you didn’t get paid. 😒😒

Introducing the EXPERTNAIRE Affiliate Platform.

Expertnaire is an online marketplace for the sale of high-value digital products.

This means that the products you are recommending are online products or online courses that teach people various things or solve a specific problem for them, such as: 

✅ How to relocate to Canada with low IELTS.

✅ How to Advertise on Facebook.

✅ How to lose weight with Nigerian foods.

✅ How to start an Affiliate Online Business.

✅ How to start a Mini-importation Business

✅ How to get a UK Visa without an Agent

✅ How to pass your IELTS exam

✅ How to get a Brazilian Citizenship

✅ How to import cheap cars and phones from the USA and many more products.

✅ How to build a YouTube channel and makeup to 2000 dollars in 3 months without capital

Over 50 hot products on Expertnaire

Steps to Earn N70,000 – N200,000 Weekly as An Affiliate

1. Register an account with Expertnaire at N10,000 per year I will tell you a secret way to get an Expertnaire account for FREE at the end of this presentation.

2. Choose any of the HOT products above and get YOUR affiliate link.

3. Recommend it to your contacts and strangers using the 72IG Implementation program which reveals TWO very Powerful but Easy Marketing Methods.

4. When they buy, you get paid 30 – 80% commissions.

Typical LIVE Example of How to Bank N1 million in 3 months

Let’s assume you chose this hot product called Ultimate move to Canada with a low IELTS score from Expertnaire to sell. 

This product sells for N25,000.

You earn 50% commission per sale, which is N12,500 paid to you per sale.

 Then using the two powerful methods inside the 72IG Implementation program, you use either your phone or computer to sell it.

All purely online, without leaving your house.

You then make 8 sales per week.

This means you earned 8 X N12,500 commissions = N100,000 per week

📌 Question: As the presenter of this training, have you made money from Expertnaire yourself?

 I know you would want to know this.

My answer is YES.

Someone shared this same affiliate business with me some time ago and I have been able to make sales like these:


72IG Affiliate Marketing Class
I have made over 3.1 million in sales and received 1.5 million in commission.

I want you to imagine right now, what you could do with 1.5 million nairas,

✅How it could make your life easier and take good care of your loved ones.

✅ or even pay your school fees and that of your siblings.

✅How it could help you pay off those debts and as a stay-at-home Mum gives you the confidence to enjoy your home and make yourself Proud.

✅ How confident and how happy you will be to have your parents being happy that things are working out for you.

✅ You will wake up every morning happy knowing full well you can afford anything you want

✅ You could buy yourself a Car if you want to or buy land for yourself.

I have more than 20 of these testimonies from my students, but let me not bored you with screenshots 😃😃

Apart from my students, there are people whose life has been transformed positively through Affiliate Marketing. See video testimonies below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

📌📌 HOW TO GET STARTED with Your Affiliate Online Business!

There are 2 ways to get started:

❌ 1.  Without training

 ✅ 2. With training Any smart person going into something for the first time, would need someone to show him the ropes,

✅ I mean, how can you drive a car without learning it first?

✅ How can you cook edikankong soup, without learning it first?

✅ How can you pass an exam, without learning, preparing for it first?

✅ How can you be a professional caterer without learning it first?


✳️✳️ There are 2 ways to get started:


To join the Affiliate Program – (Without Training):

After registration, go to the product marketplace on your dashboard & start marketing any of the products that appeal to you and the audience you have…  

This option is N10,000. If Interested, then register here:


When you are done, let me know so I send you a WhatsApp blueprint that I have used in generating 140k.

This WhatsApp blueprint works best if you have good contact.

I don’t recommend this if you are a newbie and you want to hit 1 million in 90 days.


To join Affiliate Program (With Mentorship):

This is what I HIGHLY recommend if you are new into the digital marketing business ✅ 

Enjoy training and direct mentorship by the founder of the platform. Where you will be taught the required skills

✅With this Option (The 72IG Implementation program)   

Even if you have never sold anything online Before

The 72IG program is a program that will teach you the basics of a whole bunch of skills. Such as Graphics Designing, copywriting, Web designing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook & IG ads, email marketing, and automation.

Not just Will it teaches you the basics of these skills. You will also learn how to use these skills to make money online. And beyond that, you will also learn how to bring these skills together in other to start an online business.

And in case you have mastered all these skills before but you aren’t making enough money from it yet. The 72IG program will show you how to earn a living online with a combination of these skills.

Here is a chance for you to learn 7 profitable digital skills and how to use them to make money online for just 40k.

‼️ And in case you don’t know, each of these skills will cost you more than 20k each to learn individually.

❌❌ Which is about 140k in total. And you don’t even get to learn how to make money with these skills if you take that route.

✅✅ But you get to learn all these profitable skills and how to make money with them for just 40k via the 72IG program.

You also get free access to the number one Affiliate platform in Nigeria. Where you get to see the best digital products from the top most marketers in Nigeria.

There is a free training video that explains how the 72IG works. The link to the training is at the bottom of this page.

Before I proceed, let me show some screenshot of the alerts I normal receive every Friday 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a business where you sell other people’s products usually digital products (training courses) and get commissions for every sale, usually 30_80% sometimes 100%

What is this 72IG course all about? 

To start every business, you would need someone to teach you the skills and business secrets of that business and making everything easy for you. That’s what the 72IG program offers.

It is a digital training course in video format designs to show you step by step how you can successfully sell other people’s products online without even meeting your customers…  

What do I need to start this Affiliate Marketing?  All you need is the 72IG training courses (now 40k would be increased to 55k by March 8), your phone, data…

And a willingness to succeed… 

✅✅That’s all I need from you…

 📌📌 I have some juicy bonuses you will get once you Register for the 72IG today.

✅1. You will get access to my free traffic blueprint that I have used in generating over 3 million in sales and received 1.5 million in commissions

✅2. You will be added to my mentorship circle where you will be coached to make the whole process easier for you.

✅3. I will give u a Free License to a Premium WordPress Theme Currently sold @ $40 in the Market ( I only have 5 License remaining)

✅ 4. You will get a free autoresponder (Email Marketing Software) from me free worth over $100

✅4. I will help you to install the necessary plugins you need to make your website works. This includes the webpage builder

✅5. I will give you the webpage builder and pre-designed templates

✅6. I will install the webpage builder for you (thrive architect)

✅7. You also get a chance to travel with me and my other students to Dubai this year.

These Juicy bonuses expires soon

To take advantage of these bonuses,

Watch the Free Training Video and Register for the 72IG Program, WhatsApp me on 09056036917 to claim your my free bonus packages

📌 How do I make payment for the 72IG course?

Firstly, access the FREE Training by Mr. Toyin Omotoso showing the EXACT Steps he will take to earn N750,000 monthly and make your payment 

 Click on the Image below to access the Free Training Video.

72IG Affiliate Marketing Class
72IG Implementation Training Video.

I know you are going to say 40k is too expensive to start

Let me give you a short story

I and my friend started our new business last year at the same time.

I went into Affiliate Marketing why my friend went into a gas business.

I spend 40k in getting the 72IG to learn the skills I have today that have generated millions for me.

Why my friend spend a total of 1.7 million in setting up his business

Today he makes an average of 100k profit every month why I am making an average of 500k profit monthly in my Affiliate marketing business

Now you can see that Affiliate Marketing is very cheap to start, compared to the high return in profit you will get.

Question and Answer Time.

Kindly Drop your question in the comment box, I will answer them at my earliest Thanks for staying through on this training